During their current four-game losing streak, the Bruins have allowed 21 goals.

In their last three games, they’ve surrendered an amazing 17 goals in defeats to Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Florida. Under head coach Claude Julien, allowing that many goals in a three-game span is – not surprisingly – extremely rare.

Only six times since Julien took over as bench boss for the 2007-08 season have the Bruins allowed 13 or more goals in a three-game span. And only once, before now, have they allowed more than 13. Last Feb. 9-13 the Bruins were burned for 16 goals – however, they won one of those three games 8-6 over Philadelphia. And one of those 13-goals-in-games spans involved them allowed 10 goals in one game in 2007.

Last year’s three-game span that featured 16 goals against was part of a four-game stretch that featured 20 goals against. They also allowed 22 goals in five games in December 2007.

As far as losing four straight in regulation, the Bruins haven’t done that since Jan. 18-29, when they lost five in row as part of a 10-game winless stretch (0-6-4). The last time they suffered four straight losses of any kind was last March 3-11 when they went 0-2-2. Then you have to go back to the 2010 Philadelphia playoff series for the previous four-game losing streak.

You don’t have to be Charlie Epps to know right now the Bruins’ days are numbered when it comes time to turning things around and avoiding a bottom-four seed in the Eastern Conference.