Will the Bruins leave Ristuccia?

BOSTON — Nothing is imminent, and the Bruins still have one year left on their deal with Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington, but it sounds like they might be looking for something a little closer and a little more modern for a future practice facility.

Bruins principal Charlie Jacobs addressed that issue during a season-ending press conference at TD Garden Thursday.

“Frankly, [team president] Cam [Neely] and I have been collaborating a bit on what should be the best facility for us moving forward. We batted and considered Wilmington around a bit and obviously also explored some other locations,” the younger Jacobs said. “We like to think of our training facility and practice facilities as a drawing card for players that might be playing in other markets and look at us and say, ‘Jeez, I’d love to come to Boston, not only for the atmosphere, but for the environment, the day-to-day environment where they practice.’ The practice facility really does need to be, if you will, world-class in that regards.

“So, we put, for lack of better term, a blue-ribbon committee together to say, ‘let’s try to find the right location that’s within very short driving distance to the Boston Garden that could offer that kind of environment, that kind of ice and training facility if you will.’ We’re in the process of that now, we don’t have any final answers to share with you today, other than saying we’ve done a lot of work on this subject and I think we’re drawing to a real good conclusion.”

One rumor over the winter had the team moving to a facility on the New Balance campus in Brighton. Over the years, maybe every suburban town north of Boston with a rink has been rumored. These days, pretty much every Bruins player lives downtown. While the coaches might like the idea of the players waking up and driving north for practice, the players would certainly appreciate an easier commute.