BOSTON — As reports come out of Arizona that a group led by Greg Jamison is on track to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and keep them in Glendale trickle out, there will still be plenty of debate about whether that metro region deserves to have an NHL team and can succeed.

You count Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs in the pro-Phoenix group.

“I would like to stay in the Phoenix market, and I think most of the league would feel similarly because Phoenix is a Dallas. It’s that sized type of market, where if you stimulate it, it will be successful,” said Jacobs after his end-of-year press conference at TD Garden Thursday. “I think they’ve had just a lot of uncertainty for a very long time. We’re hopeful it’ll stick.”

While he acknowledged that the last resort would be moving the Coyotes, Jacobs wants to see what the team’s current playoff run — Phoenix is in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs — and the arrival of an actual owner does to the market and the team.

“Let’s see what these playoffs have done to this team,” he said. “The statistics and the demographics of Phoenix is very big. That’s a very, very big market. And there’s a lot, to take a franchise without an owner, it takes away some of the heart and soul of that. If we can get a heart and soul to that, I think you can have somebody that can really harvest that market, especially coming off a winning season like this.”