Thomas is taking off./By S. Bradley

Tim Thomas took to his favorite means of communication Sunday morning to expand upon his decision to not fulfill the final year of his $5-million-per-year contract with the Bruins and sit out the 2012-13 season.

Thomas’ official Facebook page featured the following statement from the All-Star goaltender:

From the earliest age I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a hockey player. I’ve been blessed in my life to not only be able to live that dream, but to achieve more than I ever thought possible.

The singleminded (sic) focus that is necessary to accomplish a dream of this magnitude entails (by necessity) sacrifice in other areas and relationships in life.

At the age of 38, I believe it is time to put my time and energies into those areas and relationships that I have neglected. That is why at this time I feel the most important thing I can do in my life is to reconnect with the three F’s.

Friends, Family, and Faith.

This is what I plan on doing over the course of the next year.

The statement then continues with plugs for a couple of Thomas’ workout products, which I won’t re-post here without getting a cut. Guess you can add a ‘C’ (capitalism) to Thomas’ three Fs.

Thomas decided to not acknowledge the strain he’ll be putting on the Bruins’ salary cap ($5 million) next season. Nor does he acknowledge his teammates who were counting on him to help the Bruins return to championship form.

If this is the last we hear from Tim Thomas, he has certainly written himself an odd legacy that no one could’ve predicted at this time one year ago.