NHL Awards: Predicting a Bruins split in Las Vegas

My pick: While blocking out everything he accomplished in the Kings’ run to the Cup, I still have to go with Quick. All things being equal statistically between him and Lundqvist (and they almost are), I have to go with the guy that played in front of an almost historically horrible offense. If you stayed up late to watch Quick during the season, and the Kings offense didn’t bore you to death, you saw some spectacular goaltending.

Will win: This is Lundqvist’s year, and the GMs won’t miss a chance to give the Swedish star his consolation prize after he failed to get to the Cup Final. Really, the GMs can’t go wrong with any of the puck-stoppers in this category.

Hart Trophy

Finalists: Henrik Lundqvist (NY Rangers), Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh), Steve Stamkos (Tampa Bay)

My pick: Although he didn’t get the Lightning into the postseason, Stamkos nearly willed his team there, even after general manager Steve Yzerman began trading off parts and looking to the future. I think that he scored 60 goals makes up for his team’s failures. If value is what you’re looking for, imagine how bad the Lightning would’ve been without Stamkos or how great they would’ve been with anyone able to stop a NHL shot playing in their net.

Will win: Malkin’s great season making up for the absence of Sidney Crosby was astounding nearly wire to wire during the season. The Art Ross Trophy winner has the type of numbers and plays on the type of winning team that woos voters. Lundqvist’s numbers probably didn’t do enough to turn the rare trick of luring voters away from highly productive skaters.

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