Right response by Rask will take Bruins goaltending choice out of Julien’s hands

That’s the biggest sign of Rask’s confidence in himself and belief that he’s the best. He was willing to take a one-year deal last summer and see how his first year in the post-Thomas era would pan out. So anything that cuts into Rask’s playing time and ability to shine as the No. 1 is a shot at his livelihood and financial situation as much as it is a critique on his performance as an athlete.

With just one two-day break left in the schedule, Julien will have lots of choices to make with his goaltending, weighting performance, rest and opponent strength. With a high-caliber game against Toronto Monday, Rask can take the decision-making process out of Julien’s hands.

That’s what the Bruins developed Rask to do and what he believes he can do. Statistically he’s one of the best goaltenders in the NHL this season. But there’s a gut feeling that says Rask can play even better.

The Bruins might’ve missed out on two points in Toronto, but if Rask responds the right way down the stretch here, the decision to sit him a second straight game in Toronto could be this season’s turning point.

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