Bruins’ bragging about depth on D might be valid this season

“A couple of things: guys that we’re bringing up have had at least a year of experience from the Providence side of it. Hamilton is a guy that’s been with us all year, but right now we’ve seen Bartkowski with us for years,” Julien said. “You look at Krug, he’s played some games with us last year before going there all year this year. But Providence has got a really good team. To us, we’re fortunate that the depth of defense there was extremely good. After watching them this year in the first half of the season and then looking at their team, I said it before, I said to Peter, I said there’s probably four or five guys that could easily come up to our team and help us out on the back end. That’s how I felt watching those guys and now’s an opportunity for those guys to come up and show that they can do that.”

Well, the Bruins are hoping they don’t have to test Julien’s theory about four or five guys being able to contribute. Nonetheless, they’ve come a long way from the days of over-the-hill veterans trying to fill jobs best suited for upstarts like the rookies they’re throwing into the fire in these playoffs.

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