Postseason performance proves it’s time to lay off Lucic, now & in future

There are many more positives to Lucic’s game and career than things to complain about. If he was on the open market – and you could debate whether he’s a $6 million player – 29 other teams would line up to sign him. You’ll really know Lucic’s value when you see how much David Clarkson gets as an unrestricted free agent this summer in a thin market.

Best of all, Lucic is still only 24 (set to turn 25 June 7). It might seem like he’s been on the Bruins forever and he should already be completely mature, because he’s done so much and experienced almost everything possible. But he’s still just a kid. He’s still learning the life of a pro, the life as a person with a family, and the life of a star.

It’s easy to look out on the ice and pick on the big kid when he’s struggling. After all, with his size and shape, no one looks worse when he’s in a slump than Lucic. It’s easy to ridicule a $6 million man because he didn’t have a Gordie Howe Hat Trick or three fights in a game when you think he should do something on that level every night. However that’s just unrealistic.

Accepting Lucic as a star that can go through slumps like any athlete, but typically comes through when it counts most, would be a wise idea. Otherwise the next three seasons with him in black and gold are going to be as painful for you as getting sandwiched between Lucic and the end-wall glass.



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