Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic

Just one shot on goal might be enough to tell us that Bruins forward Milan Lucic is alive and well.

Alas the power forward has gone two games without landing a shot on an opposing goaltender and he hasn’t done much else to make up for his lack of production during the Bruins’ 1-1-0 start.

“You’re aware of it and you want to correct it,” Lucic said after the morning skate at TD Garden to prepare for an evening tilt with the Washington Capitals on Saturday. “It hasn’t been the smoothest start or anything like that. So I mean you just kind of have to go back and focus on just little things that can get you going in the right direction. And I think just moving your feet and getting in on the forecheck and stuff like that will help turn things around and get rid of that frustration.”

In order to become an early-season contributor, Lucic is going to have to overcome a couple obstacles. With David Krejci, who skated with the team for the first time Saturday since his injury from a week ago, on injured reserve, Lucic has had to skate with center Ryan Spooner and right winger Matt Fraser. And then there’s the heavily taped right wrist that took a while to heal after offseason surgery. Even if it’s 100 percent healthy, Lucic might not be 100 percent mentally prepared to put it to the test. Krejci knows how difficult the mental hurdles can be and now Lucic is finding out.

“Maybe I’m over thinking things as far as the injury goes,” Lucic said. “Part of my game is playing, I don’t want to say reckless, but in-control reckless, is probably the way to put it. And that’s kind of the way that got me hurt. So you know that’s probably what I’m over thinking right now. I just have to get that out of my head and out of my mind. I just have to go back being who I am out there on the ice. And we could sit here and just say it’s just two games, but you have to find a way to figure it out sooner or later because you don’t want that to creep up to a point where you’re so far back and you’re not helping your team at all. So heading into this game, it’s an opportunity for myself to get back into it. And that’s what I’m looking forward to tonight.”

Lucic took the morning skate on a line with Spooner and Fraser again. There will probably not be any lineup changes for the Bruins. Coach Claude Julien wants Lucic to turn his words into action.

“Well you can hold yourself accountable but we want to see better play,” Julien said. “That’s what’s going to make a player accountable not just saying it but going out there and showing that he wants to be better.”