David Krejci/By S. Bradley

David Krejci/By S. Bradley

According to Bruins coach Claude Julien, center David Krejci is out for the game against the New Jersey Devils on Monday night.

Krejci hasn’t practiced since he played against the Edmonton Oilers last Thursday.

After the game, Krejci talked about being sore in the third period and having to learn how to play through his undisclosed injury (which has been reported as a hip injury). Julien has continually denied that Krejci is battling anything chronic.

“No I think those are just speculations, OK. And I’m not going to comment more on that. But those are speculations right now,” Julien said Sunday.

Well, it’s not speculation that Krejci missed two games, practiced once, played a game and hasn’t been on the ice since. And it’s not speculation that Krejci said he was going to have to deal with this injury. So maybe it’s not “chronic” but is continual, perpetual, continuing or constant, or any of the other words Thesaurus.com tells us you can say instead of “chronic.” Nonetheless, this had to be troubling for the Bruins, who not only rely on Krejci as one of their top two centers but also gave Krejci a six-year extension this fall.